3 Weekend Escapes for the Busy Teacher (Without Flying!)

29 Nov 2019 | Theodore

Sometimes we just need a break from the hectic life in Hong Kong. Here are some relatively close and inexpensive weekend escapes that showcase all that living in Hong Kong has to offer.

1. A-Ma Cultural Village, Macau

Have you ever wondered where Macau got it’s name from? Now you can take a day trip and hike to this temple and cultural village to learn a bit more. Named after the sea goddess A-Ma, this temple is bound to show you more of Macau than just casinos (stop by them on the way back). This temple also hosts one the highest stone statue in the world of the goddess A-Ma (or also known as Tin Hau).

2. Sai Wan Beach

Hidden away and only achievable by either two buses and a hike or a boat ride, this beach is secluded enough to escape from the city and to enrich yourself in Hong Kong nature, with the bonus of being able to jump in the water. Why not bring a tent and camp out overnight? If you get lucky you might even be able to join the bamboo yoga.

3. Tai O

Not really for a full weekend but worth a day trip out of the busy centre of Hong Kong. In Tai O you can visit one of the last remaining settlements of the Tanka (or boat people). Hong Kong native culture is derived of four groups: the Hakka, the Hoklo, the Punti, and the Tanka. In Tai O the waters and settlement is a protected area that allows you to glimpse into a lifestyle that’s different from many other parts of Hong Kong. With a cuisine filled with locally made shrimp paste, you’ll leave wanting to come back again. Oh, and you may even get a chance at seeing some pink dolphins in the area.