I want to be an ESL Teacher—How do I start?

16 Jan 2020 | Theodore

You want to get a job as an ESL teacher, but you don’t know how to go about it. Worry not, here is a quick guide to help you.

Teaching English abroad is a fun and rewarding experience, and no matter where you go each school or language center will have its own unique differences and quirks (click here to read more about the differences between language centers and schools). The basic requirements to work overseas as an ESL teacher are essentially the same but each country has its own requirements that you should make sure that your qualifications match.

Most of the time there are questions regarding knowing the local language. With some places you are either provided someone to help you settle into your new city or if you are in a place like Hong Kong, its easy to navigate your city and find things to help you settle into your new home.

Step 1 – Getting your certifications (degree and teaching certifications)

Step 2 – Figure out the location you want to teach and the age group that best works for you
Step 3 – Find a recruitment agency (like ESLteachers) or find a school that will hire/place a TEFL teacher

Step 4 – Interview

Step 5 – Ask to speak to someone who has worked in the position you are applying (showcases a lot about their work ethics if they have teachers willing to answer questions)

Step 6 – Get Hired and process your working visa!
Step 7 – Fly to your new city, start your new job, and enjoy all the new cultural experiences!

Welcome to the world of being an ESL teacher! It’s always important that the more open you are to new and different experiences the more rewarding your time as an ESL teacher will be.