Spending Christmas Away from Home

5 Dec 2019 | Theodore

This will be my first year in the past six years where I’ve been home for any holiday. Celebrating Christmas away from family and loved ones can sometimes be a difficult thing. But there are ways in which you can bring that Christmas and family spirit with you, wherever you go.

In the past I’ve hosted a Christmas party, making the event into a cultural event sharing my traditions with my new community. As an ESL  (English as a second language) teacher this is a great way to be a cultural ambassador with your local community and teaching staff. Make some dishes that remind you of home and share it with those closest to you; seeing their reactions to the different dishes is a pretty great present in my mind.

I have also hosted holiday card exchanges in the classroom. Teach your students about some popular sayings and wishes that we give each other during the holiday season and have them make some creative cards and stockings where cards can be placed. Alternatively, have family and friends back home send you Christmas cards for your students (can be general ones) and have your students send back one. This is a great way to express dialogue and for students to learn more about Christmas colloquialisms (Chrimbo, Xmas, Yule, maybe some Cockney Rhyming slang?).

Hong Kong has a lot to offer those who want to experience the festivities this season. From a winter themed lightshow, to the fireworks on NYE, to the various carolers and Christmas markets. There is so much to do to make this holiday season your own. 

What are some traditions from your home that you would bring?