Ways to Make Use of the COVID-19 Pandemic

22 Apr 2020 | Theodore

Right now, during the CoVid-19 pandemic, many find themselves spending more time at home. Some use the time to catch up on Netflix shows, others spend an ungodly amount of time on Animal Crossings New Horizons. One thing is for certain, we all have a lot of time on our hands.

To bring a bit more professional development to play here are some great FREE resources to grow:

  1. Learn how to become an innovation manager from the Board of Innovation. Find out what it means to help shape industries. 
  2. Take those classes that you missed out on through Open Culture and Academic Earth.
  3. Complete a course certificate in coding or, well any number of things with Web Employed

Bored of the same routine? Here are some ways that you can bust out your creativity:

  1. Brick Link let’s you build online with Lego like creation. A great tool to use in the classroom!
  2. Take some time today and practice your writing skills with a generated writing prompt. Language is a Virus is ironically perfect for this time period, maybe it will give you some ideas for lesson planning writing assignments.