3 Tips for Increasing Student Participation in an ESL Classroom

31 May 2019 | Veronica

1. Make sure your warmer is just that – a warmer. 

The English level required should already be completely familiar to students, easy to understand, and easy to play. Set the tone for the lesson from the minute you walk in with an engaging & communicative warm up. Too often teachers make the mistake of setting a task that is too difficult to start off!

It’s like being asked to write a 6-page essay before you’ve even had your morning coffee. Take it slow, take it easy, and have fun with the warmer!

2. Set clear objectives and keep other variables “safe”. 

If your lesson objective is focused on one skill (i.e. volume, tone, pronunciation, natural intonation, etc.) make other variables “safe” and familiar to the students.

For example, if you want them to practice tone, provide them with a text that is grammatically correct, adequate time to edit and practice their own, or a familiar and easy topic.  They won’t be as successful at accomplishing your objective if they’re concerned they might be giving the wrong answer!

3. Stay consistent with feedback.

If you told the class the objective of an activity was to practise reading at a natural pace, don’t stop to criticize their grammar!