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These Little Corners is a blog for discussing and sharing the arts, culture and leisure activities in Hong Kong with expats who are currently living and working in the city. Sponsored by ESLteachers, it is collectively written by ESL teachers and a few people who call this city their home. 

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Learning Cantonese Part 3: Useful Apps and Resources for Learning and Practicing Cantonese

2 Nov 2018 | Veronica 

If you haven’t yet, check out Part 1: 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Cantonese and Part 2: Where to Learn Cantonese in Hong Kong! Here are some Cantonese-specific tips, apps, and resources to help you learn Cantonese! For general language learning suggestions, I recommend you check out these commonmistakes language learners make and how to fix them. …

Learning Cantonese Part 2: Where to Learn Cantonese in Hong Kong

1 Nov 2018 | Veronica 

Aren’t sure yet that you should learn Cantonese? Check out part 1 on 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn CantoneseFast, Good, Cheap. Pick two. When it comes to Cantonese classes in Hong Kong, you’ll end up compromising on something. I’ve written this guide based on personal experience and reviews from colleagues with the goal of helping you find …

Learning Cantonese Part 1: 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Cantonese!

31 October 2018 | Veronica

Thinking about studying Cantonese? Check out these 8 reasons why you should learn Cantonese. 1. Investing in a foreign language is always beneficial. Have you ever heard someone say they regret learning a language? On the other hand, there are numerous benefits. Language skills open up connections and opportunities …

How to Deal with Culture Shock

17 Sep 2018 | Veronica 

You’ve been in Hong Kong a few days, weeks, or months, you post online about this amazing adventure you’re on, and in so many ways it’s all the excitement you imagined. And then there are moments that you (perhaps inexplicably) feel disoriented, detached, depressed, isolated …

How to: Eat at a Wet Market Cooked Food Center

12 Sep 2018 | Veronica 

They’re loud, they’re chaotic, and potentially very overwhelming (especially if you have bad memories of your high school cafeteria).

They’re also very cheap, very fast, and usually delicious! …

The First Day of School - Confessions from an English Teacher

6 Sep 2018 | Veronica 

Who’s heard that being an English teacher in Asia is easy?  Lots of holidays, often only minimal experience needed, being with cute kids all day. Should be a breeze, right? Now picture answering the phone the day before you’re meant to start work because another school needs a cover teacher …

6 Sep 2018 | Veronica 

If you’re considering Asia for the first time, or if you’re a bit intimidated about culture shock, Hong Kong is the perfect place to live. Walk around neighbourhoods like Sheung Wan to see exactly how East meets West here as you pass a western coffee shop followed by a traditional Chinese medicine …

How to Find Your Tribe in Hong Kong

29 Aug 2018 | Veronica 

Hong Kong is a very transient city and as a result the expat community is very welcoming. It’s normal to be invited to tag along to a birthday party, going away party, or junk party of people you’ve never met. You can easily find other new arrivals to the city – as lost and as …

5 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Hong Kong

20 Aug 2018 | Veronica

After moving to Hong Kong on a whim, I knew very little about what to expect from the city. Two and a half years later, these are 5 of the unexpectedly awesome things about Hong Kong that I love the most. Enjoy! …