Training and Certification


TEFL, standing for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is one of the most common acronyms used in the fields of teaching English overseas. A ‘TEFL Certification’ refers to the certificate and training courses typically required by institutions worldwide that are seeking to hire English teachers.

Female ESL teacher with kindergarten students doing worksheets.

If you wish to apply for an employment visa in Hong Kong as a Native English Teacher (NET), a 120-hour TEFL certification and a Bachelor’s degree certificate will be the basic necessities. If you are a less experienced ESL teacher whose university degree is irrelevant to English or Education, it is often essential to have undertaken
at least 120 hours of TEFL training.

ESL teacher demonstrating dance movements in front of a group of kindergarten students

TESOL / TEFL Training

As an aspiring ESL teacher, you may have heard of different TEFL certification programmes such as CELTA and Trinity TESOL. You probably have also come across a myriad of other TEFL course providers which offer both in-classroom and online TEFL training options with varying degrees of quality, cost and duration.

While an online TEFL certification may cost-effectively help you fulfil the minimum requirements of the Immigration Department and most employers in Hong Kong, it is important to research your options thoroughly and opt for an accredited course provider.

We recommend online courses via Global English TESOL and The TEFL Academy, accredited TESOL and TEFL course providers based in the UK.