"When I first moved to Hong Kong, I was very grateful for Eureka. They helped me find an apartment and put me in touch with some quick part-time jobs, which really helped me establish myself in the city.”

— Stephen P., Eureka Teacher from Australia


"Teaching at my school was made easier by the support from Eureka staff, as well as communication between my superiors and me, which meant that cultural differences and language miscommunications were not a problem."

— Jessica W., Eureka Teacher from Ireland


"Working for Eureka has been a really positive experience. It has given me the chance to broaden my teaching experience considerably."

— Matthew W., Eureka Teacher from the UK


"They do regular training, they have a Facebook page and they can organise social gatherings, which I have found to be very helpful when being in a new country."

— Calee M., Eureka Teacher from Australia


Eureka Graduate Teacher Recruitment Programme (Hong Kong)

Programme Overview

The Eureka Graduate Teacher Recruitment Programme provides international teachers with the opportunity to teach English in Hong Kong for 9-12 months while gaining access to free regular training workshops led by Eureka’s experienced teacher trainers. The Programme allows you to work in schools or learning centres in a paid position, where you can utilise and develop your teaching skills in a foreign environment. Fresh graduates from all disciplines are welcome to apply!

Teaching English is a fulfilling job which allows you to cultivate and inspire the future generation with language and culture. Teaching abroad allows you to become the children’s window to a wider world while immersing yourself into an exciting foreign culture. The experience looks good on your CV too!

Want to experience the expat life without feeling a million miles away from home? Hong Kong is an ideal place to start. It is a ‘melting pot’ of Eastern and Western cultures, not to mention that it is also home to both vibrant cityscapes as well as tranquil natural landscapes. Whatever lifestyle you lead, you will find a piece of home in Hong Kong.

With bilingualism being the foundation of Hong Kong’s language policy, the city’s demand for English-speaking teachers has always been high, which means the job market in the education sector is always going to be strong. ESL teachers in Hong Kong also enjoy a relatively competitive salary while benefiting from the city’s low tax rates.

Read these reference materials to learn more about what it is like to teach English in Hong Kong:

Application Deadline

20 June

Before mid-June

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview before mid-June.


Selected applicants will be expected to fly out to Hong Kong before July/August to catch up with the start of the academic year in Hong Kong. 

August onwards

Once you arrive in Hong Kong, you will be assigned a Eureka Mentor (EM) who will offer you career support and ensure your well-being throughout your placement period. Depending on your preference, qualifications and experience, your EM will arrange for you to interview with different local schools. When you get accepted by a school, your EM will also be the primary liaison between you and the school. 


We are looking for candidates who meet the following requirements:

• Speaks English as a first language or can speak English fluently and at an idiomatic level
• Dedicated and passionate about educating children and young people
• A holder of a university degree (in any subject)
• Willing to pursue or currently possesses teaching-related qualification(s) (e.g. 120-hour TEFL/ TESOL, CELTA Certificate or PGCE/PGDE in English)
• Teaching experience or experience working with children preferred but not a must

Watch this video to see what other Eureka teachers think of their experiences teaching in Hong Kong: