Budgeting Yourself in Hong Kong

31 Oct 2019 | Theodore

Hong Kong… well, it’s expensive.

Don’t worry though, there are ways that you can live and work in Hong Kong without breaking the bank. While it will take some restraint on your part, it’s easily possible. Yes, that means maybe staying home some weekends and not going to a junk party every week in the summer.

 Below is a list of 5 apps that I think are essential to living in Hong Kong on a budget.

1. Hokobuy

Essentially the Groupon for Hong Kong. You can get discounts on products and experiences.

2. Classpass

Have you ever wanted to try muay thai or wing chun? Classpass allows you to take classes at various institutions without having to break the bank. Try some out!


My saving grace while travelling. KLOOK offers you everything from sim cards, to dining experiences, to tours at a discounted rate. This Hong Kong start-up has begun to expand its reach into Europe- but most of the best deals are in Asia.

4. Eatigo

Is it Eat-i-go or Eat-ee-go? Honestly, I don’t know. I do know, however, that this app allows you to make reservations at restaurants throughout Hong Kong at a discounted rate (sometimes at up to 50% off). Why not treat yourself to a staycation?

5. Carousell

This app works like Craigslist or an online second-hand shop. Here users post items they don’t want or items they have made and would like to sell. Be wary of giving personal information to people- otherwise have fun finding what you need! We furnished our flat with a lot of things we found on this app.

And here are some honourable mentions:

Bloomme (for hair salons) and Open Rice (for restaurants)

If you need a list of survival apps for managing the streets of Hong Kong and the language check out this post

What have you found to be useful?